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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is intended to provide information about the processing of personal data in connection with our website and our other online offering.

Special, complementary or further privacy policies as well as other documents such as General Terms & Conditions (GTC), Terms of Use or Terms of Participation may exist for individual or additional offerings and services.

1. Contact Addresses

Responsibility for the online offering:

Ecoclean GmbH
Hertistrasse 8
5704 Egliswil

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Processing of Personal Data

2.1 Terms

Personal Data is all statements relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. A Data Subject is a person whose personal data is processed. Processing comprises any handling of Personal Data, irrespective of the means and procedures applied, in particular the storage, disclosure, procurement, collection, erasure, retention, modification, destruction and utilisation of Personal Data.

We process Personal Data in line with the Swiss data protection legislation, including, in particular, the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and the Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection (OFADP).

2.3 Nature, Scope and Purpose

We process any Personal Data that is necessary in order to provide our online offering in a permanent, user-friendly, secure and reliable way. Such Personal Data may fall into the categories of inventory and contact data, content data, usage data and marginal data as well as contact data and payment data.

We process Personal Data for any duration that is required for the respective purpose or the respective purposes or by law. Any Personal Data whose Processing is no longer necessary will be anonymised or erased.

In principle, we process Personal Data only after the consent of the Data Subject has been given, unless Processing is permissible for any other legal grounds, for example for the performance of a contract to which the Data Subject is party and for corresponding measures prior to entering into a contract to safeguard our prevailing legitimate interests, since such Processing is apparent from the circumstances or after prior information.

Within this framework, we process, in particular, statements transferred by a Data Subject to us voluntarily and by himself/herself upon establishment of contact, for example by letter mail, e-mail, contact form, social media or telephone, or upon registration for a user account. We may retain such statements, for example, in an address book or with comparable aids. Where you transfer Personal Data of third parties to us, you are obliged to guarantee data protection towards such third parties and to ensure the accuracy of such Personal Data.

Moreover, we process Personal Data we receive from third parties, procure from publicly accessible sources or collect upon provision of our online offering where and to the extent that such Processing is permitted on legal grounds.

2.4 Processing of Personal Data by Third Parties, also Abroad

We may have engage third parties, especially processors, to process Personal Data or process or transfer Personal Data to third parties jointly with and with the help of third parties. Such third parties include, in particular, providers, whose services we use. We guarantee reasonable data protection also at such third parties.

Such third parties are located, in principle, in Switzerland as well as in the European Economic Area (EEA) including the European Union (EU). Nonetheless, such third parties may also be located in other countries in the world or elsewhere in the universe, where their data protection legislation according to the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) guarantees reasonable data protection, or if reasonable data protection is guaranteed for other reasons, for example by an adequate contractual agreement, especially based on standard contractual clauses, or by an adequate certification. At third parties in the United States of America (USA), the certification under the Privacy Shield can guarantee reasonable data protection. Such a third party may be exceptionally located in a country without reasonable data protection where the relevant preconditions under privacy law, such as the explicit consent of the Data Subject, are met.

3. Rights of Data Subjects

Data Subjects, whose Personal Data we process, have the rights under the Swiss data protection legislation. This includes the right of access as well as the right to rectification, erasure or blocking of the Personal Data processed.

Data Subjects, whose Personal Data we process, have the right to lodge a complaint with a competent supervisory authority. The supervisory authority in charge of data protection in Switzerland is the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC).

4. Data Security

We take reasonable and adequate technical and organisational measures to guarantee data protection and, in particular, data security. Nonetheless, Processing of Personal Data on the Internet may always be subject to security loopholes despite such measures. Therefore, we cannot ensure absolute data security.

Access to our online offering is provided by transport encryption (SSL / TLS with HTTPS).

Just as, in principle

5. Use of the Website

5.1 Cookies

We may use cookies for our website. Cookies, including of third parties, whose services we use (third-party cookies), mean data in text form that is retained in your browser. Cookies cannot execute programmes or transfer malware, such as Trojans and viruses.

Cookies may be temporarily retained as “session cookies” in your browser when you visit our website or as “permanent cookies” for a specific period. “Session cookies” are erased automatically when you close your browser. Permanent cookies make it possible, in particular, to recognise your browser the next time you visit our website, allowing us, for example, to measure the outreach of our website. Nonetheless, permanent cookies may also be used, for example, for online marketing.

You can disable and erase cookies in your browser settings in whole or in part at any time. Without cookies, however, our online offering might no longer be available to its full extent. Where and to the extent required, we ask you to consent to the use of cookies.

For cookies used for success and outreach measurement or for advertising, a general objection (“opt-out”) via the Networking Advertising Initiative (NAI), YourAdChoices (Digital Advertising Alliance) or Your Online Choices (European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance, EDAA) may be possible for numerous services.

5.2 Log Files

We may collect the following statements for any access to our website where these are transferred by your browser to our server infrastructure or can be identified by our web server: date and time including time zone, Internet Protocol (IP) address, access status (HTTP status code), operating system including user interface and version, browser including language and version, individual site accessed and amount of data transferred, last website accessed (referer).

We retain any statements in log files that may also represent Personal Data. The statements are required in order to provide our online offering in a permanent, user-friendly and reliable way and to ensure data security and thus, in particular, the protection of Personal Data, also by or with the help of third parties.

5.3 Tracking Pixels

We may use tracking pixel on our website. Tracking pixels are also called web beacons. Tracking pixels, including of third parties, whose services we use, are small images which are retrieved when you visit our website. Tracking pixels can be used to gather the same statements as in server log files.

6. Social Media

We are present on social media platforms and other online platforms in order to communicate with interested persons and to provide information about our online offering. The relevant General Terms & Conditions (GTC), Data Policies and other provisions of the individual operators of such online platforms apply as well.

7. Third-Party Services

We may use third-party services to provide our online offering in a permanent, user-friendly, secure and reliable way. Such services also serve to allow us to embed contents in our online offering. Such services, for ex. hosting and retention services, video services and payment services, need your Internet Protocol (IP) address, since such services can otherwise not transfer the relevant contents. Such services may be located outside Switzerland and the European Economic Area (EEA) including the European Union (EU), where adequate data protection is guaranteed.

Third-party services may also process data in aggregated, anonymised or pseudonymised form, inter alia with cookies, log files and tracking pixels, in connection with our online offering and from other services for their own security-relevant, statistical and technical purposes. Such data is not used to directly contact Data Subjects in connection with our online offering.

7.1 Social Media Functions and Social Media Contents

7.1.1 Facebook

We use social plug-ins of Facebook in order to embed Facebook functions and Facebook contents in our website. Such functions include, for example, “Like” or “Share”. Cookies are also used in this context. Further information is available on the href=""> site via “Social plug-ins” of Facebook.

The social plug-ins are an offering of Facebook Ireland Ltd. in Ireland or of the US company Facebook Inc. Where you are logged in with Facebook as user, Facebook may assign the use of our online offering to your profile. Further statements about nature, scope and purpose of data processing are available in the Facebook Data Policy.

7.1.2 Twitter

We use the possibility to embed functions and contents of Twitter for our website (“Twitter for Websites”). In this way, we can allow you, for example, to use the “Share” function of Twitter on our website or to display tweets to you as part of our website. Cookies are also used in this context.

”Twitter for Websites” is an offering of Twitter International Company in Ireland or of the US company Twitter Inc. Where you are logged in with Twitter as user, Twitter may assign the use of our online offering to your profile. Further statements about nature, scope and purpose of data processing are available in Twitter’s Twitter for Websites - ads info and privacy and in Twitter’s Data Policy. Moreover, Twitter informs about Our use of cookies and similar technologies and about the personalisation of ads published both in connection with any Twitter account and based on the use of Twitter contents on the Internet. Privacy settings, also with opt-out options, are available for personalised ads.

7.2 Fonts

We use MyFonts (by Monotype) in order to embed selected fonts in our website. Cookies are also used in this context. This is a service of the US company Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., which is specialised, inter alia, in designing digital fonts. Further statements about nature, scope and purpose of data processing are available in the Monotype Privacy Policy Statement as well as on the site via “Web Font Tracking” and in the Privacy Policy of Monotype.

7.3 Success & Outreach Measurement

We use Google Analytics to analyse how our website is used. In this context, we may also measure, for example, the outreach of our website and the success of third-party links on our website. This is a service of the US company Google LLC, with the Irish company Google Ireland Limited being responsible for users in the European Economic Area (EEA) and in Switzerland.

Google attempts to capture individual visitors of our website even if they use different browsers or devices (Cross-Device Tracking). Cookies are also used in this context. The use of Google Analytics requires your Internet Protocol (IP) address which, however, is not combined with other data of Google.

We cause your Internet Protocol (IP) address to be anonymised before it is analysed by Google. As a result, your full IP address is, in principle, not transferred to Google in the USA.

Further statements about nature, scope and purpose of data processing are available in Google’s Our Privacy and Security Principles and in Google’s Privacy Policy, in the How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services and in How Google uses cookies. Moreover, it is possible to use the ”Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on” and to raise an Objection against personalised advertising.

8. Final Provisions

We may amend and complement this Privacy Policy at any time. We will inform about such amendments and complements in adequate form, especially by publishing the respective current Privacy Policy on our website.