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Our products

Swiss EcoClean® is a waterbased, alkaline, non- corrosive product.
It is neither flammable nor toxic through skin contact, inhalation or ingestion. All ingredients in Swiss EcoClean® are LGA approved and Swiss EcoClean® is V.O.C. tax free and is B.O.D. (biological oxygen demand) free.

The LGA certification includes food and feedstuff certification. Swiss EcoClean® is biologically degradable to 98% in 28 days and is also not required to carry the "Hazardous" warning on its label.

Swiss EcoClean® is manufactured in our own production facility in Egliswil, Switzerland. This is done on a tank weight cell system with accuracy of 0,05%, using what we believe to be the finest choice of complementary ingredients, leaving Swiss EcoClean® free of solvents, petrochemicals and black listed ingredients.

The original Swiss EcoClean® chemical concept was put together by the late Wolfgang Kopp, Pharmacist CH, Alex Pellegrini’s grandfather. Through the years Swiss EcoClean® has been finely optimized due to our continuous and extensive onsite demonstrations and tests with customers.

Sustainable value retaining cleaning
Tired of cleaning items and having them damaged in the process? We have the solution to this problem - it is called Swiss EcoClean®.
Due to the nature of the product, we can happily guarantee that by simply using Swiss EcoClean® in its recommended dilutions and following some basic cleaning logic, your property and objects will retain their value over time.