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04 industrie

Relevant Materials & Objects

  • Acrylic Glass
  • Displays
  • Ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Film Keyboards, Touch screens, Displays
  • Finished product
  • LCD screens
  • Measuring & testing equipment
  • Painted surfaces
  • Tooling for machines
  • Working cabinets

Type of Soiling

  • Machine lubrication coolant
  • Oil, fat, grease

Recommended Dilution Ratios

These are approximate and are dependent on the degree of dirt.

Dip tank 1:5 – 1:10
Workshop 1:10
Displays and control panels 1:20
Extrem dirt, such as burnt-in burn dust 1:50 – 1:80

Directions for Use

Dip tank – low temperature


Spray and wipe

Ultrasonic – low temperature

Vibration tank


Part cleaners - brush and chemical circulation and automated machines
Non emulsifiing, easy separation of soiled Swiss EcoClean® solution and oil ensuring economical waste disposal.

Surface preparation

Surface preparation before welding, painting, powder coating.
Specific cleaning required when preparing residue surfaces for the above.
Dilute Swiss EcoClean® 1:10 with water, apply uniformly onto the relevant area with spray-bottle, thereafter wipe thoroughly with a good quality microfiber cloth. No fire hazard. VOC tax free (CH).
Corrosion inhibiting - see Additives page
The surface preparation described above, with or without corrosion inhibitor, is a ONE STEP PROCESS.



  • Microfiber cloth
  • Button activated Measuring system


  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Ethanol 3%