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Welcome to EcoClean

Swiss EcoClean® is manufactured in our own production facility in Egliswil, Switzerland. This is done on a tank weight cell system with accuracy of 0,05%, using what we believe to be the finest choice of complementing ingredients, leaving Swiss EcoClean® free of solvents, petrochemicals and black listed ingredients..

EcoClean Multipurpose Cleaning Concentrate
EcoClean Reinigungsmittel
Swiss EcoClean® is an alkaline product with excellent degreasing powers, making it the perfect solution to remove grease, oils, fats, carbon, resin, nicotine, mosquitoes, silicone-residues, vegetable and fruit juices , brake dust and much more.

· Swiss EcoClean® is highly concentrated making it very economical to use.

· One product to replace entire collections of chemicals commonly found in industry, commerce and service organisations.

· Swiss EcoClean® is not only very user friendly but also extremely kind to materials and the environment.

· Swiss EcoClean® being a cleaner and more sophisticated solution, eliminates the waste and pollution of unnecessary duplicate, harmful non-complying and/or non-conforming chemicals.


SWISS EcoClean - Multi-Purpose Cleaner for vehicles.

Wood and Metal

Holz und Metall
SWISS EcoClean - Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Wood and Metal.


SWISS EcoClean - Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Industry.


SWISS EcoClean - Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Buildings.


SWISS EcoClean - Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Hospitality.


SWISS EcoClean - Multi-Purpose Cleanerr for Electronics.